Training Series

Ongoing Training

No experience? No problem - it's rare for students to already know web design, coding, or project management when they start. Every experienced Web Guild member started in the same place and is happy to help you grow your skills. We offer ongoing training that includes learning software (using Adobe's Classroom in a Book series), developing graphic design skills, and providing one-on-one web coding training. We also train students to run client meetings and manage projects.

Web Basics

Web Basics seminars are presented three times a year on Saturday mornings. These Seminars are presented FREE to the Augustana Students, Faculty, and Staff.

Getting Started... Content design is the most important part of a website, and the skill that is most ignored. Asking the right questions will get you started.

HTML... So what is the code that makes a web page appear on your computer? And why is it important to understand it and be able to change it?

Photoshop... Some simple methods to change photos and create graphics. An introduction to using an image editor.

Using a Site Builder... This seminar introduces you to special software that lets you build web pages in a method similar to using a word-processor.

Advanced Developer Sessions

Introduction to HTML & CSS

Photoshop as a Web Design Tool

Responsive Web Development

WordPress Theme Development

Link Library

W3C - The people who create web programming standards

Codecademy - Learn to Code

Code Guru - Developer News

A List Apart - Jeffrey Zeldman

Wired - Technology Magazine

SQL Course - SQL Training